Project Size: 1200 MW

       Plant configuration: 4 X 300 MW.

       Project Zero Date: 4th July 07.

       Financial closure: 2nd Aug 07.

       Project Cost: 4500 Cr (Debt: Equity � 75:25).

       Fuel: Imported coal.

       Coal Requirement: 4.14 million Tons /annum.

       Condenser water requirement: 38000 m3 /hr for one unit.

       Raw water requirement: 5842 m3 /day.

       Switchyard: 400 KV GIS.

       Power evacuation: four 400 KV lines to Koyna & Karad (two each)

       Chimneys: Two numbers of 220 meter tall twin-flue chimneys

       Cooling Tower:  IDCT with FRP Structural�s.

       Scheduled completion of project: 38 months


       Status of project clearances

All clearances for the project have been achieved. Major clearances are:

         NOC from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (6th Oct 2006)

         Consent from Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India (17th May 2007)

         Clearance from Maharashtra Maritime Board for seawater intake & outfall (23rd Apr ������2008)

         CRZ clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India (15 Nov 2007)

         Clearance for construction of 220 m Chimneys from Airport Authority of India. (28th March 07)

         Clearance from Factory Inspectorate. (5th March 2008)

         Clearance from Labour Commissioner. (2nd March 2007)

         Clearance for grid connectivity from MSETCL. (20th March 2007)



       Status of Order Placements

All the major orders for the project have been placed.

         BTG package                 : SEC, Shanghai, China

         General civil works         : SEW, Hyderabad.

         General structural works : Sunil Hi-tech Ltd, Nagpur.

         Chimneys                     : Gammon India Ltd, Mumbai.

         Cooling Towers              : Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd, Kolkata.

         Balance of Plant            : EDAC-ABB-SEW consortium (EDAC as lead partner).



       Status of Power Plant Activities


Main Plant works





TG foundation Civil work

Deck completed

Deck completed

TG mat completed

TG mat completed

TG erection

TG & condenser erection in progress




Structural Fabrication(Quantity revised)

99% completed

91% completed

68% completed

49% completed

Structural Erection (Quantity revised)

79% completed

71% completed

37% completed

21% completed


Pressure part erection � 95%.

Pressure part erection � 60%.

Structural erection -75%,

Structural erection -35%,


Erection achieved-47%

Erection achieved-31%

Erection started.

Foundation work in progress





       BOP Work Progress.

         Chimney-1 (Unit 1 & 2): Outer shell construction completed (214 m).

         Chimney-2 (Unit 3 & 4): Outer shell construction completed (214 m).

         Cooling Tower-1: Basin Hydro test completed.

         Cooling Tower-2: Basin Hydro test completed.

         Cooling Tower-3: Basin civil works completed.

         Cooling Tower-4: 80% basin civil works completed.

         CW Pump House-1 (Unit 1 & 2): 97% civil work completed.

         CW Pump House-2 (Unit 3 & 4): 13.7 % civil work completed.

         GIS building- 64% civil work completed.

         CW & MU piping- CW pipes (unit 1 & 2) fabrication completed.

         MIDC water- 53% Pipe laying completed.



       Power Evacuation

A Joint venture has been formed with MSETCL for construction of power transmission line. L&T bagged the contract for execution of transmission line for both New Koyna and Karad. LOI has been issued to L&T on 2nd July-08. New Koyna line will be ready by June 09 and karad line will be ready by Dec 2009.��� L&T has mobilized to site and 112 Km (out of 112 km) check survey for package A (Karad Line) and 57 Km (out of 57 km) check survey for Package B (New Koyna Line) has been completed. Foundations of 63 nos. locations (out of 322) for package A & 50 nos. locations (out of 160) for package B have been completed. Tower erection of 25 nos. locations (out of 322) for package A and 07 nos. locations (out of 160) has been completed.

   Site Address :

JSW Energy (Ratnagiri) Ltd.

At.Nandiwade, Post Jaigad,

Tal. Dist. Ratnagiri. 415614

Phone (02357) 242501-05

Fax - (02357) 242508



        Ratnagiri Office Address:

JSW Energy (Ratnagiri) Ltd.

2nd Floor, Kasturi Plaza,

Desai Niwas, Juna Mal Naka,

Ratnagiri. 415612

Phone (02352) 271617

Fax - (02352) 271620



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