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Training Objectives:

The participants will acquire extensive basic knowledge of thermal power plants, safety requirements in a power plant, equipment details, operation and maintenance of a thermal power plant. They will learn to understand the process flow, various power plant schemes, protection and interlock systems, operation of the power plant.

Main Program Features:

General Introduction: World Power Scenario, Indian Power Scenario, Indian Electricity Act, 2003, Energy Conservation Act, 2001, Role of Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Electricity Trading, Initiatives of Ministry of Power, Govt of India for Power Sector Reforms

Industrial Safety: Accidents and their Prevention, General Safety Practices, Hazards Analysis, Safety in Material Handling, Noise Pollution and Control, Personnel Protective Equipments, Permit to Work Systems, Fire Fighting Fundamentals, Demonstrations

Concept of Modern Thermal Station: Choice of Location of Large Thermal Station, Plant Layout, Machine arrangements, Equipment Layouts, Switchyard and Auxiliary Arrangements

Fuels & Combustion: Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Analysis, Coal Types and Suitability for Different Types of Boilers

Constructional Details and Basic Principles of Large Pulverized Boiler and Auxiliaries: Steam Drum and Internals, Headers, Tubes, Types of Furnace and Firing Arrangements, Primary and Secondary Air Arrangements, Burner Arrangements, FSSS, Economizers, Super heaters, Reheaters, Forced and Induced Draught, Fans, Compressors, Coal Mills and their Types, Air Preheaters, Ash Extraction and Handling, Soot Blowers, Station Instrument and Service Compressed Air Compressors, Boiler Mountings, Level Indicators, Safety Valves.

Construction Details and Working Principles of Turbine and Auxiliaries: Principle of Operation, Heat Conversion Cycles, Types of Turbines, Casing Steam Chests, Wheel Balding, Nozzles, Bearings, Governing System, Condenser, Vacuum Pump, Steam Ejectors, Circulating Water Pumps, Lubrication System Pumps, Mail Oil Pumps, Boiler Feed Pump, Auxiliary Steam System, LP and HP Feed Water Heaters, Deaerators and Evaporators, Gland Steam Coolers, Drain Systems, HP and LP By-Pass Systems, Automatic Turbine Run-Up Systems.

Valves, Pumps and Motors: Types of Valves, Traps, their Constructional Details and Application, Types of Pumps, Types of Motors, Speed Controls.

Construction and Working Principles of Alternators and Excitation Systems: Alternators, Cooling Arrangements, Stator Water Cooling, Hydrogen Sealing System, Main and Pilot Exciters, Voltage Regulators, AVRs, Method of Grounding

General Understanding of Basic Flow Diagrams in Power Stations: Coal Cycle, Fuel Oil Cycle, Air and Gas Cycle, Fly Ash and Bottom Ash/Slag Handling Arrangements, Condensate Feed Heating Cycle, Water and Steam Cycle, Chemical Dosing Circuit, Circulating Water Cycle, Governing Oil, Turbine Oil, Generator, Seal Oil Circuit, Hydrogen Filling in Generator and Hydrogen Gland Sealing of Generator, Stator Water Cooling Cycle

Construction and Working Principles of Fuel Handling Plant Equipments: Coal Handling Plant, Wagon Tippler, Hoppers, Feeders, Conveyor System, Magnetic Separators, Fuel Oil Handling Plant, Oil Storage Tanks, Unloading and Heating Arrangements, Coal Transportation, Coal Washing and Blending

Construction and Working Principles of Ash and Slag Handling Equipment: Electrostatic Precipitators, Methods of Conveying, High Pressure and Low Pressure Pumps, Dry Ash Collection, Environment Management System

Power Plant Chemistry: Basic Chemistry, Water Treatment, Raw Water Pumping Station, Circulating and Boiler Makeup Water Treatment, Hydrogen Generating Plant, Fuel Sampling and Analysis, Corrosion Theory and Deposition in Boiler, Ash Sampling and Analysis

Power Plant Instrumentation and Measurements: Working Principles and Details of Measuring Instruments for Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level, Draught, Vibration, Eccentricity, Conductivity, pH Value, Differential Expansion, Oxygen Analyser, Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Frequency, Energy, Winding Temperature, Auto-Controllers, Hydrogen Purity Meter, Axial Shift Indicator and Recorder, Flue Gas Analysers, Megger its use for Primary Detection of Faults, Data Acquisition System, Digital Distributed Control, UPS, Unit Co-Ordinated Master Control

Transformers, Switchgears, Switchyards, DC and AC Power Supply for Auxiliaries: Main Transformers, Interconnecting Transformers, Station/Unit Transformers, Types of Connections, Paralleling, Tap Changing Gear, Types of Switchgears, Oil, Air, Vacuum, Gas Breaker, Construction and Functional Details, Outdoor Switchyards, Single Line Diagrams, Bus bars, Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, Lightening Arresters, Grounding

Scheme Briefing and Tracing: Water Treatment Plant, Oil Decanting and Forwarding Station, Coal Handling, Circulating Water System, Boiler Feed Water Scheme and Steam Scheme, Fuel Scheme, Air and Flue Gas Scheme, Boiler Firing System, Ash Separation and Disposal, Make Up Water and Main Condensate, Deaerator, BFP and FW System, Steam to Seals, Vacuum Pump, GSC, Turbine and Hydraulic Turning Gear, Turbine Lube Oil and Governing System, Steam Extraction and Drain Scheme, HP and LP Bypass System, Generator and Excitation System, H2 Cooling and Seal Oil System, Schemes of 6.6 kV, 0.4 kV and DC System, Switchyard Scheme

Operation, Control and Supervision: General Boiler Start-Up Procedure, Operation of Boiler under different Loading Conditions, Soot Blowing, Handling of Boiler under Failure Conditions, General Start-Up Procedure for High Pressure Multicylinder reheat type turbines from cold, warm and hot conditions, Handling of Turbine, Generator and Auxiliary Plant Under Failure Conditions, Alternator Synchronising, Loading, Parallel Operation, Operation of Vents and Drains in Boiler and Turbine

Controls and Protection Sequential Operation and Interlocks: Unit Protection and Interlocks, Boiler & Auxiliary Protection, Turbine & Auxiliary Protection, Combustion Control, Feed Water and Fuel Heating Cycle Controls, Turbine Governing, Generator Protection, Importance of Sequential Interlocks, Transformer Protection, Steam Pressure and Temperature Control, Furnace Purging

Power Plant Performance and Efficiency Calculations: Need of Performance Monitoring, Factors Influencing Boiler Performance, Boiler Efficiency Calculation, Factors Influencing the Performance of Turbine Turbine Losses, Turbine Heat Rate Calculations, Factors Influencing Condenser Performance, CT and Feed Heaters, Optimisation of Auxiliary Power Consumption, Pump Performance, Compressor Performance

Rotational On-Job Training in a Thermal Power Plant

Study Projects, Submission and Presentations

23rd June 2009
JSWECE Signs an MoU with MSRIT, Bangalore for jointly conducting a one-year full-time PG Diploma in Power Plant Engineering from the academic year 2009-2010.


22nd February 2010
Owing to a massive demand for trained power professionals in the Indian Power Sector, JSWECE starts a 2nd batch of PG Diploma in Power Plant Engineering with 60 students.


22nd February 2010
JSWECE commissions its dynamic, high-fidelity, PC-based 300 MW Thermal Power Plant Simulator. The state of the art Simulator is dedicated to the nation. Training program on the Simulator launched with 6 trainees from JSWEL Ratnagiri.


23rd April 2010
Mr.K.P.Singh, Secretary, CEA and Ms. Anjuli Chandra, Director-HRD, CEA visit JSWECE for renewal of recognition. They appreciate the efforts of JSW Energy to develop the Institute. The visitors speak to the PG Diploma students on the occassion.


17th May 2010
Batch-1 PG Diploma Students return from 4-month On Job Training at JSWEL, Barmer and JSWEL, Ratnagiri. The students get exposure to erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance of both CFBC plant of 135 MW at Barmer and PF fired plant of 300 MW at Ratnagiri.


1st June 2010
Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta takes over as Jt. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of JSW Energy Ltd.


18th June 2010
Col. Mohan Bhandari takes over as Head of Corporate HR of JSW Energy Ltd. Col. Bhandari is Head of JSW Energy Centre of Excellence also.

PG Diploma in Power Plant Engg.
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